Plympton Athletic Youth Sports (PAYS)

P.O. Box 218
Plympton, MA 02367

2024-2025 Board Members

Board of Directors

President: Lindsay Platz – lplatz@plymptonyouthsports.com
Vice President: Kristen Belcher – kbelcher@plymptonyouthsports.com
Interim Treasurer: Heather Ghilardi – hghilardi@plymptonyouthsports.com
Secretary: Jacqui Gervais – jgervais@plymptonyouthsports.com

General Volunteer Coordinators:

Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator: Becky Archambeault – barchambeault@plymptonyouthsports.com
CORI Coordinator: Open
Uniform & Equipment Coordinator: Heather Sanda – hsanda@plymptonyouthsports.com
Field Maintenance Coordinator: Open
Social Media Coordinator: Open
Event Coordinators: Danielle Hurley – paysevents@gmail.com


Director of Basketball: Nikki Mahoney – nmahoney@plymptonyouthsports.com
Basketball Registrar: Open


Director of Baseball / Softball: Mark Reilly – mreilly@plymptonyouthsports.com
Baseball / Softball Registrar: Open
Field Maintenance Coordinator: Open
Snack Shack Coordinator: Andrea Hickey


Soccer Director: Nicole DeLuca – ndeluca@plymptonyouthsports.com
Soccer Registrar: Jenn Pontes – jpontes@plymptonyouthsports.com
Soccer Coordinator: Heather Ghilardi – hghilardi@plymptonyouthsports.com
Risk Manager: Lillie Krueger – info@plymptonyouthsports.com
Snack Shack Coordinator: Breanne Boccalini – info@plymptonyouthsports.com