Plympton Athletic Youth Sports, Inc. (P.A.Y.S.) is an organization which offers Soccer, Basketball and Baseball/Softball to children ages 4-14 in the town of Plympton.

The purpose of Plympton Athletic Youth Sports  is to promote the ideals of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and courage by providing supervised competition for the youth of the community. In addition, emphasis is given to teamwork, cooperation, the development of skills, and appreciation of the sport, regardless of the child’s athletic ability.

P.A.Y.S. 2018 bylaws

2018/2019 P.A.Y.S. Board Members

To contact the board, please use the contact page.

Executive Committee:

President: Amy Hempel
Vice President: Meghan Canty
Treasurer: Lillie Krueger
Secretary: Kristen Belcher

Additional Board Members:

Cori Coordinator: Erin Borsari
Uniform/Award/Merchandise Coordinator: Chris Steidinger
Technology Coordinator: Jonathan Mulcahy

Soccer Board:

Director of Soccer: Amy Hempel
Soccer Registrar: Angela Wilbur
Coaching Coordinator: Scott Devonshire
Field Maintenance Coordinator: Jeff Haas

Basketball Board:

Director of Basketball: Heather Blaine
Basketball Registrar: Alison Haas

Baseball / Softball Board:

Director of Baseball / Softball:
Baseball / Softball Registrar: Katrina Player
Field Maintenance Coordinator: OPEN
Snack Shack Coordinator: OPEN